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    Budimir "Buda" Šobat

Budimir Buda Šobat, only Buda, not Buddha. And even though breathing exercises and meditation are a huge part of his life, his nickname is just a derivation of his name.

If you look at Buda today, he is a real superhero. Having fantastic pro-athlete results at his age is by itself an achievement to be admired for. Currently, he is a world champion and a Guinness Record Holder.

More importantly, he is a father. His daughter Saša is on the spectrum and is his biggest inspiration while he is diving. Because of his daughter, he is a big humanitarian and autism awareness ambassador.

Finding motivation close to home

Autism awareness

By diving deeper in the silence and cold, in this isolation Buda feels closer to his daughter Saša. She has been fighting with cerebral palsy, autism and epilepsy since childhood.

People on the spectrum live their lives, their feelings and personalities, somewhere deep inside themselves. It is easy to envision their internal world to be lived in the depth, same like with deep diving.

Buda's achievements allow him to have a voice, so he is using it to spread autism awareness. He wants to help develop a world that will be able to engage non-neurotypical people as full members of society.

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No matter how old you are, no matter how fit you are, no matter how much you know about diving, freediving, or even swimming - if you want to connect with nature, the sea, with your body and your mind, the 'no early turn' camp is the place for you.

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Because of Buda’s extensive knowledge and personal achievements he takes on special training with pro athletes. These are breathing exercises combined with the plyometric, strength, endurance, regenerations, stretching, the whole system depending on the needs of the sport.

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