Would You Like to Be in a Company With a Champion?

Join Buda's Journey to Success

Partnering with Buda as a sponsor provides a unique opportunity to align your brand with a world-class athlete and a compassionate humanitarian. Buda's inspiring journey to become a freediving champion later in life, his dedication to supporting children with disabilities, and his commitment to helping professional athletes achieve their goals make him an exceptional role model and spokesperson.

As a sponsor, you'll have the chance to support Buda's continued success in the sport while contributing to his efforts to impact the world positively.

Sponsoring Buda means investing in a remarkable individual who makes a difference while promoting your brand to a global audience.

Choose the Perfect Sponsorship Package

For all those who want to become a part of Buda's story, three sponsorship packages are available:


With three different sponsorship packages available, you can choose the one that best suits your business goals and promotional needs. Whether you opt for the FRIEND, GOLD, or PLATINUM package, you'll gain exposure through Buda's competitions, training camps, and workshops and benefit from the positive associations with a respected athlete who embodies discipline, focus, and determination.

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